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Dos Casas Signature Treatments

Dos Casas Holistic Treatment

120 min $2,370 pesos

This unique ritual combines the purifying benefits of our Hammam exfoliation with skilled massage techniques and rhythmical movements, using gemstones and the Spa´s signature blend of oils to release muscle aches and create harmony throughout the body.

Dos Casas Elements Massasge

90 min $1,850 pesos

The treatment invites the body to restore its natural state of vitality, using specialized massage combined with features of hot stones, lymph drainage, and oriental massages to create a profoundly healing effect.

Dos Casas Classic Facial

120 min $2,370 pesos

Beginning with a grounding foot cleanse, opening arm and neck stretches to deepen the breath, and deep cleansing with an herbal steam bath, the skin is then infused with nourishing botanical mask and tension is relieved with a gentle décolleté and shoulder massage.

Healing Touch – 75min – $1,500 pesos

Dos Casas Customized Aromatherapy Massages

The aromas along with unique spinal pressures, muscle release, and foot reflexes allow for a complete renovation on all levels.

Personalized Therapeutic Massage

Concentration is on the body’s specific needs and chronic tensions will provide the improved flow of circulation and balancing of energies, improving circulation and assisting in the removal of toxins.

Concentrated Back, Neck and Shoulders Treatment

The therapist will focus on areas of specific tension and discomfort in the back while releasing stiffness and strain in the shoulders and neck.

Meridian Massage

A perfect treatment to treat the whole body from head to toe, based on a system of energy lines and reflex zones along the surface of the body that relate to an image of the whole body and internal organs.

Dos Casas Hydrotherapy experiences

Hammam Exfoliation Ritual

30 min- $750 pesos

The Hammam offers the ultimate in bathing culture, with a selection of natural and organic exfoliating products, you will enter a world full of steam, exotic aromas and warm currents, with your choice of therapist assistance, on your own, or sharing the experience with your couple.

Hammam and Rhassoul Clay Ritual

1 hr $1,100 pesos

Aside the hammam ritual, the application of steam to the mud allows the body to transpire. The mud allows the skin pores to open and release toxins. The purifying mud will be rinsed off during the experience shower.

Signature Facials – 75 min – $1,500 pesos

Illuminating Botanical Facial

See your skin with a radiant, healthy glow after this sophisticated skin treatment to deeply oxygenate and increase micro-circulation.

Hydrating Pure Facial

This rehydration treatment protects the skin by reducing redness and inflammation, and is excellent for skin exposed to environmental pollution, stress, and lack of moisture.

Gentleman´s Balancing Facial

A specialized and focused facial, addressing the specific needs of male skin and common lifestyle factors. This facial is beneficial for men of all ages, and balancing on a surface, as well as a deeper level.

Aromatherapy Facial

This personalized facial applies the highest quality essential oils and active ingredients to nourish and revitalize the skin. With cleansing, toning, exfoliation and massage techniques, this unique facial will improve the skin and harmonize the body and soul.